“Purveyed By mishnóc” A truly unique experience.

At mishnóc we get excited by leather. It gets us out of bed in the morning. We love to buy it, sell it, wear it, make it, you name it. This passion has directly lead to the “Purveyed by mishnóc” range.

Each year we cover many many miles around Europe and Africa in our pursuit of Quality Leathers. On these journeys we meet people from all walks of live producing leather goods. As buyers we visit factories for a more refined product for some of our ranges but an interesting thing happens in the leather producing world.

Outside of the bigger producers of goods cottage industries inevitably spring up. We visit everyone of them. From the guy sitting in the baking Saharan sun making leather water bags to the ex merchant banker who quit the rat race in London to make exclusive leather goods for the tourist market in the mountains of Cadiz. The “Purveyed By mishnóc” range brings you these goods and we feel it makes for a truly unique experience for everybody involved. Any item listed on our website as a “Purveyed by mishnóc” product is an individually unique and handmade piece. So much so that when you order that item you receive the exact product as photographed in the listing. Its a slow labour intensive way of selling bags but the satisfaction we receive from providing a truly unique piece to our customers more than makes up for it.

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