Best Craft With Retail Potential Award 2017

It’s that time of year again and Athenry Agricultural Show kicks off celebrating 128 years on the go. At mishnóc we are again proud to sponsor the Adult Crafts Competition on the day. This year will see the second mishnóc “Adult Craft With Retail Potential” prize. All entries in the Adult Crafts Section are automatically entered into the competition and there is a €150 first place prize up for grabs.

About the competition

Our prize award “Adult Craft With Retail Potential” is all about supporting the home industries side of Athenry Show. Many products on the retail market today started as a hobby or an idea on someones kitchen table. Our award seeks to encourage entrepreneurship in the rural economy. We like to think we know a thing or two about quality at mishnóc and on the day we will award first place to a craft that we think has the potential to become a stand alone retail product for the home or export market.

The Prize

The winner on the day will receive a first prize of €150. A profile page on our website and the winning entry will be displayed in our Galway shop to showcase the talent.

Who Is It For ?

Everybody. We encourage as many entries as possible on the day. At the end of the day crafting is all about self fulfilment and expression. Our prize seeks to encourage entrepreneurship but in doing so we hope it celebrates the art of crafting.

How do I enter?

Just enter any of the adult craft sections at Athenry Agricultural Show on May 28th 2017 and you are automatically entered. More info on the Adult Craft Categories amd how to enter are available on the Athenry Agricultural Show Website.

Need more info?

If you need any further information please do get in touch with ourselves at [email protected] or Athenry Agricultural Show on their website

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