Mission Statement

“mishnóc supply quality leather goods to the retail customer by forming meaningful relationships with suppliers, manufacturers and customers”

You may not believe it but it took us near on 4 years to come up with that sentence. It can be hard to distill what you do in a sentence when all we want to do is sit each customer down and perform a day long lecture about what we do, why we do it and why we are good at it.

Our mission statement guides everything we do at mishnóc from sourcing and buying product, manufacturing product, offering it for sale and then fulfilling customer orders and expectations. The words “quality” and “meaningful” are used in the statement to distill two core values. Everything that comes through our doors here at mishnóc must adhere to a “quality” standard that we set. In a world where abundance is everywhere and mass production is king we do come across a lot of products. Everything has the veneer of “quality” but to cut the gloss you need to get to the core of a product. How long has the factory that makes it been making it? What kind of leather do they use? Have they continually developed the product and monitored return issues and have minor design errors been rectified. In short has the product evolved from an idea through to a “quality” item. We pride ourselves on working “meaningfully” with companies that can answer these questions.

Meaningful relationships for us are also at the core of everything we do. We value honest valuable input from suppliers and customers and we believe in returning the favour. For example if a supplier was having an issue with say a certain strap for a bag that was breaking prematurely he will tell us. When you have a meaningful relationship well then it’s not the end of the world you work together to get it resolved and leave no harm done. If a supplier tries to hide the fact, then we have a problem and it’s time to part ways. A relationship without meaning is like an ashtray on a motorbike, pretty good for nothing.

Forming meaningful relationships online with our customers is also at the core of our philosophy. For any of us buying anywhere the process should be as follows. You browse, you order, you receive confirmation, you receive tracking details, you receive timely delivery by a quality service provider you open your delivery you are pleasantly surprised and life is good. We endeavour to fulfill all of these stages in a meaningful way.

Our mission statement while simple in essence keeps us moving in the right direction everyday at mishnóc.