mishnóc | A Love Story

In 2012 mishnóc started retailing leather goods on the High Street in Galway. Our very first tag line was “We Love What We Do” and we do. If we didn’t we wouldn’t have come through the early years. Our quest to retail quality leather goods consumes most of our waking hours at mishnóc and in 2017 we also opened a leather goods studio in Athenry, Co-Galway where we manufacture the “mishnóc” brand.

The “Gráinne” leather tote by mishnóc. Designed and manufactured in Galway.

While most of our business is still in leather goods manufactured abroad it was decided in 2017 that anything with our name on it would be manufactured in Athenry. This part of the business for us is a passionate love affair with Ireland. We now employ 2 full time artisans in our studio where everything is designed and made by hand in an atmosphere that allows us to reflect on, how things are made and how things should be made. The studio also provides us with a space to reflect on who we are as a brand, as individuals and what direction we are taking.

Analine Leather Wallet

From simple beginnings on market stalls to where we are today employing 4 full time people, 5 part time people and feeding 2 cats, a dog and 7 sheep, mishnóc has allowed us to Live our Passion. We sincerely hope you live yours.

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