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Leather Care Balsam


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Celtic Leather Care is a traditional 19th century leather balsam containing original old fashioned ingredients (including beeswax) well known in the trade for revitalising and protecting leather (and indeed the stitching) used in leathercraft. Various craftspeople and many professionals connected with leather products, from vintage car enthusiasts through to showjumpers and huntsmen, from antique book enthusiasts through to butlers employed at stately homes and palaces, testify to its tried and tested formula. The results obtained with Celtic Leather Care are instantaneous, yet have long lasting results, leaving old tired leather revitalised and supple, giving newer leather products a shine and protection unsurpassed by modern polishes not containing our traditional ingredients. Celtic Leather Care is generally regarded as one of the most economical leather products on the market in this day and age.

Jackets/Coats/Trousers, etc.: Use on all smooth leather and all coloured leather. Protects against dampness, wet and cold weather. Feeds and softens tired and neglected leather clothing. Maintains new look.

Suitcases/Trunks/Briefcases & Handbags: Feeds neglected leather which has rarely or hardly ever been polished (cases and trunks). Particularly good for the corners which get very scuffed. Excellent on delicate leathers used in the manufacturing of handbags.

Shoes & Boots: Heritage Leather Care is recommended for any smooth coloured leather. Cleans and shines without polishing. Particularly good for bikers’ boots and horse riding boots. Leaves a waterproof coating therefore repelling rainwater and dampness.

In the pictures you will see a pair of my own boots, the first picture shows them after the 3 days of the National Ploughing Championships . In the second you will see one of the boots after treatment and one before. I always clean my leather boots by applying some Nivea facial wash or shower gel to a damp sponge. It is always best to clean your leather before you nurture it. I recommend Nivea because of the fact that it has no added harsh chemicals. Clean your leather like you would your skin. Gently cleanse, allow to dry naturally at room temperature then moisturise using Celtic Leather Care. As with all leather products try this method on a small area to see the results before progressing to the larger area.

Celtic Leather Care is made in Ireland

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